BMW 3 Series E30

since 1983-1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Exhaust system
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Running gear
+ 12. Body
- 13. Electric equipment
   13.1.2. Search of malfunctions
   13.1.3. Safety locks
   13.1.4. Relay
   13.1.5. Breaker of indexes of turn / alarm system
   13.1.6. Switches on a steering column
   13.1.7. Ignition lock
   13.1.8. Receiver
   13.1.9. Antenna
   13.1.10. Guard of devices
   13.1.11. Payment SI (index of maintenance)
   13.1.12. Headlights – replacement of lamps
   13.1.13. Adjustment of headlights
   13.1.14. Headlight case
   13.1.15. Replacement of lamps
   13.1.16. Screen wiper electric motor
   13.1.17. Heater of back glass
   13.1.18. Safety cushions
   13.1.19. System cruise control
   13.1.20. The central locking system
   13.1.21. Electric stelokpodjemnik
   - 13.2. Electrical circuitries
      13.2.1. Systems of start-up, akuumulyator charge, indexes of turns
      13.2.2. Headlights / back lamps
      13.2.3. Diagnostics block
      13.2.4. Guard of devices and lighter
      13.2.5. Control system of the Motronic engine
      13.2.6. System cruise control
      13.2.7. Central lock, security alarm system, on-board computer
      13.2.8. Washer of headlights
      13.2.9. Power windows
      13.2.10. Heater and conditioner
      13.2.11. Heaters of seats
      13.2.12. The electric drive of seats with the memory block
      13.2.13. The electric drive of seats without memory block
      13.2.14. Receiver and audio system
      13.2.15. System of injection of L-Jetronic fuel
+ 14. Useful tips

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13.2.10. Heater and conditioner


1. Illumination of handles of management of a heater
2. Light-emitting diode of III
3. Light-emitting diode of II
4. Light-emitting diode of I
5. Heater fan switch (conditioner evaporator)
6. The socket is 13-contact, connecting
conducting of a heater with the central plait of wires
7. The socket connecting forward section of conducting to the control panel of a heater
8. Heater fan safety lock
9. Safety lock (inclusion of the 2nd speed of the fan)
10. The safety lock of chains of illumination of salon, a signal of a backing, a tachometer and the drive of mirrors, is mounted on a distributive block
11. Fan temperature sensor (91 °C,
1 speed)
12. Fan temperature sensor (99 °C,
2 speed)
13. Conditioner switch
14. Heater crane
15. Evaporator temperature regulator
16. The control unit of the conditioner (on the control panel of a heater)
17. Contact socket of conducting of the additional fan
18. The relay of the 2nd speed of the additional fan (it is mounted on a distributive block)
19. The relay of the first speed of the additional fan (it is mounted on a distributive block)
20. Moisture separator pressure sensor
21. It is not used
22. Heater radiator fan
23. Evaporator fan
24. Contact socket of conducting of the sensor of high pressure of a moisture separator and electromagnetic coupling of the compressor
25. Temperature sensor (it is mounted in the evaporator)
26. Temperature sensor (it is mounted in a heater)
27. Temperature sensor in salon (is under the lower decorative panel of salon at the left)
28. Electromagnetic coupling of the compressor
29. Additional fan